Team Manager Duties

The Team Manager role is very important for the Club, ensuring teams are organised and have the appropriate support. The Team Manager is also crucial as a feedback loop to appropriate Committee personnel so any issues can be quickly resolved.

As a Team Manager you are responsible for the off-court organisation of the team. This includes all communication between the club and your team's families, which will help ensure that the team runs smoothly.

Another important part of your job is to work co-operatively with the team coach who is responsible for on court activities. You also have an advisory role to play at the end of each season with the team selection for the following season, and mid season when any vacancies arise.

Specific Duties

At the beginning of the season:

  • Notify parents of team composition, time and venue for training
  • Notify parents of time and venue for first match and distribute the draw when ready (this is usually available at the first game of the season). Note that stadium locations and the season's match schedule can also be found on the PlayerHQ Website
  • Draw up a roster of parents to score at matches and supervise training - make sure all parents "do their share". Remind parents of the Club's policy regarding siblings at training. If you have a parent of a player who is also the coach, please do not roster that family for scoring duties. They are already doing their share!
  • Consult with the coach to decide upon the most appropriate way to decide on player awards.

During the season:

  • Remind families of duties
  • Cover scoring duty if rostered family fail to arrive
  • Attend the match each week and ensure player names and numbers on the score sheet are correct, prior to the match
  • Familiarise yourself with the rules especially with regards to Finals Eligibility. Players should sign the back of the score sheet prior to each match on at least 5 occasions.
  • Explain scoring to inexperienced parents
  • Make sure no parents sit on the bench - the bench is for players only
  • Liaise with the Committee, specifically; Grade Secretaries, Venues or Uniforms Coordinators when necessary.
  • Register any new players starting during the season on the back of the score sheet with name, mobile number, email address and date of birth and inform the Club Secretary
  • Refer any concerns about coaching to the Committee

At the end of the Season:

  • Confirm that all players taking to the court in finals are eligible to do so by checking the Camberwell District Basketball Association website
  • Refer players interested in joining the Club to the Grade Secretary.
  • Collect money and organise a card and gift from the team to the coach to be presented at the end of season.
  • Advise Grade Secretary of team composition and any issues which may affect team composition for the coming season.