Team Operation

Team Manager

Each team requires a parent to take on the role of team manager. This role is essential to the smooth running of the team and the club, and we strongly encourage all parents to help in this way at some stage of their child's time with the club.

The team manager should work in a co-operative role with the coach to ensure all aspects of team operation run smoothly. This is particularly necessary when a junior coach is involved. In general, the manager is responsible for off-court organisation of the team, while the coach is responsible for on-court activities. Input from team managers regarding team dynamics will be considered before team selection for the following season.

Managers are responsible for communication between the club and families and usually attend the match and training each week. If a parent or player has any concerns regarding the team, the coaching, fees or any aspect of the club, they should be directed to the team manager in the first instance, who will discuss the issue with the relevant committee member.

At the end of each season, the Team Manager may take a collection from each family towards a thank you gift for the coach.


The club has a mix of adult and junior coaches. We actively encourage our players to undertake a coaching role as they move into the older age groups. This gives them a new perspective on basketball and assists the club in the often difficult task of finding enough coaches to meet the growing demand. It also serves as a great opportunity to develop leadership skills and responsibilities. We also encourage parents, with or without basketball experience, to assist in this area.


It is understood that a player accepts certain conditions and obligations when they are placed in a team. They include:

  • An expectation that they will attend all training sessions and be available for all games. If it is not possible to attend a particular session or game, it is courteous to advise the coach and team manager in good time. This is particularly important in the case of games because if a team does not advise the Camberwell District Basketball Association in sufficient time that it cannot field the minimum 4 players, it will be required to forfeit the game. The forfeiting team will be liable to a fine from the Camberwell equivalent to both teams game fees. Adequate notice may enable a substitute player to be found.
  • If a player is unable or unwilling to continue playing in the team in which they are placed, the team manager should be advised.
  • Players must wear the full uniform to each game. Wearing of non-approved uniform will result in points being awarded to the opposing team by the referee.
  • Players will accept the directions of their coach at both training and during games.
  • Players will accept the decision of the referee and will not question or criticise the decision. Any dissent will result in immediate withdrawal of the player from the court.