Fees for the 2022 Winter Season are yet to be finalised.

This fee includes all essentials: entry fees and court hire for games, court hire for training, coaching payments.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents are responsible for the following areas:

  • Paying fees
  • Transporting players to and from matches and training
  • Scoring at matches
  • and other tasks as required by the manager or coach.

Where's my Game?

Need to find where your game is? Refer to  website (link below).


Brush up on your scoring skills so you are confident when it is your turn to score a game!


Your Team Manager will advise grading games details during the first week of each season. After grading is complete, you may refer to fixtures on the PlayerHQ Website

Ensure you know what to do in regard to forfeits, incorrect uniform, disputes etc. It is not up to the Club to pay any fines due to a team not being aware of requirements.

Season Guidelines

As noted above, the involvement of parents is essential to the smooth running of the club. SABC is a club run entirely by volunteers and your assistance is appreciated. We ask that you specifically note the following:-

  • Your Team Manager will prepare a roster for parent supervision at training sessions. Please ensure that you attend your rostered session or organise a replacement, as we require you to be on hand to assist the coach in the event of injury to a player, or assistance in disciplinary matters. This may merely consist of directing the exuberance of some of our younger players towards their training program.
  • Please do not leave players' siblings at training unattended. Apart from distractions and potential damage to equipment etc., the Camberwell District Basketball Association insurance policy, which covers the Club's players, does not cover non-players. Parents are strongly advised not to bring other children to training sessions when on duty or coaching. The parent on duty's responsibility is to the coach and players, not other children. The Club does not accept any responsibility for the control or safety of non-playing children or of players before and after training sessions.
  • Please ensure players are on time for training and especially for games. Points will be lost, or forfeits enforced by the referees, if a team has insufficient numbers. A forfeit results in (i) a fine from the Camberwell District Basketball Association (ii) a 0 - 20 score registered against the team, and (iii) zero competition points awarded to the team.
  • Please take your turn at scoring. Your Team Manager will prepare a roster for this duty and provide an example score sheet for those who need it. Note that the younger the players are, when you begin learning, the easier it is - the game speeds up significantly as they get older and more skilful!
  • Please do not sit on the bench provided for the coach and players at games. Barracking from the bench by non-team members can attract a penalty.
  • Maintain a fair and sportsmanlike attitude during games, in particular respect the difficult job being done by the (sometimes very young) referees. Please refer to the Spectators Code of Conduct prepared by the Camberwell District Basketball Association and included in this document.
  • Do not "coach" players from the sidelines. This role is for the coach only. Directions from the sidelines, however well intended, may only serve to confuse players and to contradict the coach's instructions.