Fees for the Winter 2019 Season are:

1st child $275;

2nd child $250;

3rd & subsequent child $225

All fees must be paid prior to the first game of the season, otherwise the player may lose their place in the team. Please note that players are not covered by insurance until fees are paid and the registration form is returned or online registration has been completed. A player will not be permitted to play or train unless the fees are fully paid.

Where do your Fees Go?

The fees cover team registration, all games, hiring of training venues, coaches and insurance. Paying fees by the due date ensures that the club can meet its financial commitments on behalf of the players.


  • Coaches are paid the equivalent of a season's fee in recognition of the great work they perform.
  • Uniforms - SABC purchases uniforms in bulk orders so that the cost per player is reasonable. So the Club has to buy uniforms before it sells them to parents and players. The cost of the team uniform is not part of the registration fee.
  • Trophies & Gifts - End of season award trophies.
  • Postage, stationery & other - "Other" includes bank charges & fees, presentation barbecue expenses.
  • SABC is a not-for-profit organisation and does not pay Committee members for the role they perform. However, in recognition of the countless hours they dedicate to keep the Club running, season fees for one of their children is waived.

How can I pay my fees?

You can pay your SABC fees online, via direct deposit, by returning to the "Home" page and clicking on the the "Register Here" tab. Please follow steps 1-5 to complete your registration. If you are unable to pay your fees online you can choose to make a payment in person at the Bendigo Bank. Please provide your Team Manager with a record of your direct deposit, ie. date paid and a receipt number.

SABC Bank Account Details: St Anne's Basketball Club

Bendigo Bank

BSB # 633 000

A/C # 155767635

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