Fees for the Winter 2022 Season are yet to be finalised, but generally comprise:

• Insurance cover

• St Anne’s Basketball Club fee (includes match fees, training and club costs)

There is a link appearing after you register the first child to advise of the family discount. It will be applied automatically when registering another player from the same account.

All fees must be paid by the dates in emails send our to players, otherwise the player may lose their place in the team. Please note that players are not covered by insurance until fees are paid and the online registration completed. A player will not be permitted to play or train unless the fees are fully paid.

Where do your fees go?

The fees cover team registration, all games, hiring of training venues, coaches and insurance. Paying fees by the due date ensures that the club can meet its financial commitments on behalf of the players.


  • Coaches are paid the equivalent of a season's fee in recognition of the great work they perform.
  • COVID Safe Compliance Costs - Wipes, hand sanitizer, checklists and tubs.
  • Trophies and gifts, including end of season award trophies.
  • IT, postage, stationery and other expenses such as bank charges & fees, presentation barbecue expenses.
  • SABC is a not-for-profit organisation and does not pay Committee members for the role they perform. However, in recognition of the countless hours they dedicate to keep the Club running, season fees for one of their children is waived for senior committee members.

How can I pay my fees?

Fees are paid online - details are in emails sent out to each parent or player.